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E-Books History Grows in Our Gampong

History grows in our gampong tells us about the coastal region of post-tsunami Aceh from the viewpoint and experience of Mardiyah Chamim, a female journalist of Tempo weekly newsmagazine.

Those involved in the aftermath of the killer tsunami, which devastated parts of Aceh province, undoubtedly have deep impressions of the tragedy. Mardiyah, a professional journalist, is no exception.

Journalists are people who know a lot of things. They are trained to record events in their minds and later write about them for the general public, but how much they can write is often constrained by the publication’s space limitations and policy as well as the editor’s selection. Many journalists are limited by these constraints and hence write only abridged reports that media circles classify as “newsworthy”. Trapped by such limitations, journalists then adopt their own attitude and tend to become exclusive, as if denying that the things not included in their reports simply never happened. They know all too well about newsworthiness but acknowledge nothing beyond it. Even if they acknowledge such things, they consider them unimportant because the news is seemingly not worth covering.

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