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Live Backup For Zimbra FOSS Edition

The one of weakness on zimbra FOSS edition is there’s no backup feature. Backup feature is only available for Zimbra Network Edition.

I’ve made a bash script to do a zimbra live backup for FOSS Edition. This script has been made based on this reference and this one

There are no rsync and ssh in this script, but I think we can modifying and merging this script with other scripts from the wiki page.

The goal is to do a remotely synchronization using rsync, ssh and “live” backup for zimbra open source edition.

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Automatic Logon Script For Windows and Samba

A couple months ago i read article about Generate otomatis Logon script di Samba.

you should put this code in /etc/samba/smb.conf

logon script = %U.bat

path = /data/netlogon
writeable = no
guest ok = no
root preexec = /data/netlogon/ %U
root postexec = rm -f /data/netlogon/%U.bat

This script is very helpful when we have a lot of user and share folder. so, we don’t have to add a logon script manually.


Howto Make Openlayers In Sahana Show Multi Layers (Overlay)

Proof of Concept

  1. I’m using Sahana version 0.6.2 stable release
  2. Sahana read the configuration from MySQL and then file configuration. So, we have to change all configuration in config values (Administration > Config Utils > Config Values) and then edit file.
  3. Sahana only provides 2 layers in openlayers (this is the default configuration). You can see this in Config Values, if we want more layers, we should add manually in file.
  4. Sahana produce a map in JPG format. We all know that JPG does not support transparency, so we should change this with PNG. We will adding some PHP codes in openlayers_fns.php.

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Howto Make Fonts On Fedora Core 6 Looks Like On Windows

This tutorial will describe howto make fonts on Fedora Core 6 looks like on Microsoft Windows.

All you have to do is just follow this instructions.

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Howto Get Account Using Firefox

This article taken from my official blog using Indonesian Languange.

Don’t have account on Don’t worry, right now you can register on using Flock. Yeah, you can’t register with others browser :).

So, this is a howto register on using Firefox :

  1. Open /usr/lib/firefox/defaults/pref/firefox.js (linux) or C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\pref\firefox.js (windows) using your favorite editor and add this to the end of line pref("general.useragent.vendorComment", "Flock");
  2. Save that configuration and open
  3. Have a nice blogging with 🙂

Howto Setup Alphabetically Blogroll on WordPress MU

WordPress as an engine blog has a blogroll feature. You can find that feature on Links >> Link Categories >> Edit menus. On that menus we can setup blogroll as what you want. You still can find this feature on WordPress MU such as blogsome, blogthing or

On you can setup alphabetically blogroll using menu as i mentioned above, unfortunately you can’t do that on blogsome. So, here below the steps to setup alphabetically blogroll on blogsome :

  • Login tho the blogsome dashboard and open Manage >> Files >> index.html.
  • Scroll down and find this code: {get_links category='-1' before='<li> after='</li>' between='' show_images='0' orderby='_updated' show_description='0' show_rating='0' limit='-1' show_updated='-1'}
  • Replace orderby='_updated' with orderby='name'
  • Push Update Template! buttons
  • Voila! 🙂
  • Howto Migrate comment from Blogsome to WordPress

    I’ve made an import rss comments for wordpress. This script is useful when you have a wordpress free hosting such as blogsome or blogthing and you want migrate all comments.

    Here below the steps to import all your posts and comments from blogsome to wordpress :


    • This scripts is modified from import-rss.php
    • There’s no URI, IP, Email and User Agent commenter on rss comments, so you can’t import them to the new database.