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E-Books History Grows in Our Gampong

History grows in our gampong tells us about the coastal region of post-tsunami Aceh from the viewpoint and experience of Mardiyah Chamim, a female journalist of Tempo weekly newsmagazine.

Those involved in the aftermath of the killer tsunami, which devastated parts of Aceh province, undoubtedly have deep impressions of the tragedy. Mardiyah, a professional journalist, is no exception.

Journalists are people who know a lot of things. They are trained to record events in their minds and later write about them for the general public, but how much they can write is often constrained by the publication’s space limitations and policy as well as the editor’s selection. Many journalists are limited by these constraints and hence write only abridged reports that media circles classify as “newsworthy”. Trapped by such limitations, journalists then adopt their own attitude and tend to become exclusive, as if denying that the things not included in their reports simply never happened. They know all too well about newsworthiness but acknowledge nothing beyond it. Even if they acknowledge such things, they consider them unimportant because the news is seemingly not worth covering.

Now the books is free for anyone. You can download the books at


DGK Quotations For WordPress

This plugin has been released on my official blog using Indonesian Languange.

A few weeks ago I got more than 20.000 quotations from using php script and right now all quotations has been saved on txt file. This plugin inspired by The Quotations plugin. The Quotations and DGK Quotations are different, mine’s just took a quotation from txt files and The Quotations took from the official site.

I’ve made a simple script based on php to show random quotation on your blog. This script is only work for WordPress. And you can activate this plugin from your dashboard.

Here’s below an instruction to install this plugin:

1. Download DGK Quotations
2. Extract DGK Quotations
3. Upload quote.txt to wp-content directory.
3. Edit dgk_quotations.php and replace :

$quotetxt = "/var/www/htdocs/wp-content/quote.txt";

4. Upload dgk_quotations.php to the wp-content/plugins directory.
5. Edit sidebar.php and add this following codes:

<h2>Random Quotations</h2>
<?php dgk_showquotations(); ?>

6. Activate this plugin from your dashboard.

Howto Get Account Using Firefox

This article taken from my official blog using Indonesian Languange.

Don’t have account on Don’t worry, right now you can register on using Flock. Yeah, you can’t register with others browser :).

So, this is a howto register on using Firefox :

  1. Open /usr/lib/firefox/defaults/pref/firefox.js (linux) or C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\pref\firefox.js (windows) using your favorite editor and add this to the end of line pref("general.useragent.vendorComment", "Flock");
  2. Save that configuration and open
  3. Have a nice blogging with 🙂

How much is your blog worth?

My blog is worth $2,822.70.
How much is your blog worth?

And this is for my official blog 🙂

My Blog
My blog is worth $46,292.28.
How much is your blog worth?

Howto Setup Alphabetically Blogroll on WordPress MU

WordPress as an engine blog has a blogroll feature. You can find that feature on Links >> Link Categories >> Edit menus. On that menus we can setup blogroll as what you want. You still can find this feature on WordPress MU such as blogsome, blogthing or

On you can setup alphabetically blogroll using menu as i mentioned above, unfortunately you can’t do that on blogsome. So, here below the steps to setup alphabetically blogroll on blogsome :

  • Login tho the blogsome dashboard and open Manage >> Files >> index.html.
  • Scroll down and find this code: {get_links category='-1' before='<li> after='</li>' between='' show_images='0' orderby='_updated' show_description='0' show_rating='0' limit='-1' show_updated='-1'}
  • Replace orderby='_updated' with orderby='name'
  • Push Update Template! buttons
  • Voila! 🙂
  • Howto Migrate comment from Blogsome to WordPress

    I’ve made an import rss comments for wordpress. This script is useful when you have a wordpress free hosting such as blogsome or blogthing and you want migrate all comments.

    Here below the steps to import all your posts and comments from blogsome to wordpress :


    • This scripts is modified from import-rss.php
    • There’s no URI, IP, Email and User Agent commenter on rss comments, so you can’t import them to the new database.

    Firefox Protection

    From my official blog

    Look at this picture:

    Get Firefox!

    Bwahahaha, what a great advert huh? =))

    This picture taken from Andre Chaperon