Howto Get Account Using Firefox

This article taken from my official blog using Indonesian Languange.

Don’t have account on Don’t worry, right now you can register on using Flock. Yeah, you can’t register with others browser :).

So, this is a howto register on using Firefox :

  1. Open /usr/lib/firefox/defaults/pref/firefox.js (linux) or C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\pref\firefox.js (windows) using your favorite editor and add this to the end of line pref("general.useragent.vendorComment", "Flock");
  2. Save that configuration and open
  3. Have a nice blogging with 🙂

1 Response to “Howto Get Account Using Firefox”

  1. 1 kristin November 13, 2005 at 5:33 am

    Wouldn’t it be simpler just to use flock?

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