Paris Hilton

You wanna say something to her? πŸ™‚


Android Robot becomes a Samurai

:). Watching the Android Robot kill the Apple devices. A new world will begin πŸ˜€

Celebrating 20 years of Linux

I'll be celebrating 20 years of Linux with The Linux Foundation!

Happy Birthday Linux! Looks like your future will become as an enlightment for all of us πŸ™‚

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta Available Today for Public Download

This information came from redhat official site.

We are excited to share with you news of our first public step toward our next major Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform release with today’s Beta availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Beginning today, we are inviting our customers, partners and members of the public to install, test and provide feedback for what we expect will be one of our most ambitious and important operating platform releases to date. This blog is the first in a series of upcoming posts that will cover different aspects of the new platform.

It has been almost eight years since the first release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Since then, the product has established itself as one of the leading enterprise-caliber, open source operating systems. With installed systems in use from laptops to mainframes, it has helped set standards for quality, certified infrastructure, long-haul stability, performance and security. From Main Street to Wall Street, Red Hat Enterprise Linux touches almost every industry.

You can read more this information on redhat official site and you can read their documentation about RHEL 6.0.

Live Backup For Zimbra FOSS Edition

The one of weakness on zimbra FOSS edition is there’s no backup feature. Backup feature is only available for Zimbra Network Edition.

I’ve made a bash script to do a zimbra live backup for FOSS Edition. This script has been made based on this reference and this one

There are no rsync and ssh in this script, but I think we can modifying and merging this script with other scripts from the wiki page.

The goal is to do a remotely synchronization using rsync, ssh and “live” backup for zimbra open source edition.

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Automatic Logon Script For Windows and Samba

A couple months ago i read article about Generate otomatis Logon script di Samba.

you should put this code in /etc/samba/smb.conf

logon script = %U.bat

path = /data/netlogon
writeable = no
guest ok = no
root preexec = /data/netlogon/ %U
root postexec = rm -f /data/netlogon/%U.bat

This script is very helpful when we have a lot of user and share folder. so, we don’t have to add a logon script manually.


Zimbra and Openfiler

I’m trying to integrate between zimbra and openfiler. Does anyone succesfully to do this? Share your experience here please πŸ™‚

I’ve been searching and reading many howto’s, tutorials and articles but there’s no one explained a step by step how to do this.

Proof of Concept:

  1. Install Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open Source Edition on CentOS 5.3, we call this Machine01
  2. Install Openfiler on Machine02.
  3. Activate Samba Zimlet using this tutorial and this one
  4. Configure and tweak Openfiler on Machine02 to become a Primary Domain Controller.

I will post the result later.